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Synergy Health Solutions, PC

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811 11th Ave
Longview, WA 98632
Phone: (360) 423-3482
Fax: (360) 425-6264

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Innate Choice

Everybody - Everyday - For Life

  • Omega Sufficiency Liquid Oils and Capsules
  • Vitamin D Sufficiency Drops
  • Omega and Vitamin D and Vitamin A Sufficiency Liquid
  • Probiotic Sufficiency
  • Vita Sufficiency Organic Vitamins and Minerals

Supplementation with these nutrients is not optional; it is essential for recovery, wellness and prevention.

Dr. James L. Chestnut

SuperFood Supplements with Better Absorption, Purity and Taste

NanoPro Vegan  -  The formulation of nanopro vegan™ is unlike any other vegan protein. nanopro vegan™ is made from non-GMO American yellow pea, brown rice and chia seed, giving you the amino acid profile comparable to whey and all wrapped up in a creamy vanilla toffee flavor! nanopro vegan™  is rich in all essential amino acids and especially high in lysine. We also added Wellbody•365™ , ProHydrolase™, vegan D3 to give you additional support for recovery, immunity and stress. With our natural supersorb technology®, we ensure your body absorbs and utilizes every ingredient for better results. We absolutely love it! Vegans and Vegetarians rejoice!

NanoGreen  -  Are you having trouble getting your five servings of vegtables, let alone 13 servings? You're not alone. Now there is help in a great-tasting, high-quality green supplementThe most complete, balanced and potent greens supplement of its' kind.  Contains phytonutrients of 10 servings of vegetables and fruits of all colors.

NanoRed  -  It is recommended that you eat 7 to 13 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. However, if you are like most Americans, you are probably falling short of this goal.  Now you can easily get the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables in this delicious, high-quality antioxidant supplementFruit and vegetable superfood is all natural, high fiber and antioxident rich juice powder mix.  Great tasting for KIDS!

NanoLean  -  "Think Lean, Think In-Between". Nanolean was created as a tool to use in your weight loss plan. No matter if you are looking to lose a little, a lot, or just maintain the shape you are in, nanolean is what we call the "secret weapon" to help keep you on track. Some like to call it "the best friend" in-between your meals. Others like to call it "the 4:00 wall life-saver". This little stick pack is designed to provide you with pure vibrant energy, craving control, lower stress levels, a calm appetite and enhanced fat burning.  One serving is 38 calories, 5 grams of fiber and zero sugar, and in a natural berry tea flavor that's light, crisp and refreshing. Nanolean is also deemed, "BioPhama's Favorite Product". The experience speaks for itself.

ORDER ONLINE:  http://www.biopharmasci.com/synergyhealthnw 
Email:  implementingwellness@gmail.com
Call: 360-423-3482
Stop by: 811 11th Ave. Longview, WA 98632

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I haven't had a migraine in over six months or even a headache for that matter and I used to get at least 4 a week!! Not to mention I don't have the severe back pain I used to have on a daily basis!!

- Meredith J. / Longview, WA

Office Hours

MondayClosed2pm - 6pm
Tuesday9am - 1pm3pm - 6pm
Wednesday9am - 1pm3pm - 6pm
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Meet our Team

Meet Drs. Stacy Chilton Dr. Stacy Chilton has been living the wellness lifestyle since her teen years while being involved in a several different sports. As a college athlete Dr. Stacy could already see that a healthy lifestyle would be a corner stone of her personal and professional life. Read More
Meet Drs. Ryan Chilton Dr. Ryan Chilton has been licensed in the state of Washington since 2010. Dr. Chilton specializes in upper cervical specific, light-contact techniques and extremity adjusting that address nervous system interference and joint dysfunction.
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